Gmail Desktop Notifier

Gmail Desktop Notifier 1.2

Notifies you when you have new mail at your Gmail inbox
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Barmers GmbH

Many of us love Gmail. Well, but not all of us have their browser window open all the time to see new incoming message. This tiny program will be your friend at your Desktop. It is not complicated; it is not wasting system resources. It is about 200 Kb in size. It uses maximum available security. And it is not annoying.
Notifies you when you have new mail at your Gmail inbox using nice (and not annoying) popup alert on the Desktop. No need to open your browser each time to check mail.

Main features:
-Very easy setup. Just provide your Gmail email address and password.
-Encrypted connection. Program uses SSL encryption to connect to Gmail server by POP3 protocol. Your password will be encrypted as well as all transmission. Nobody will be able to intercept your private information.
-Enhanced security - you can choose not to save your password on your hard disk. If saved, it will be encrypted to prevent hacking of your account.
-You can choose time interval to check for new mail in minutes (1 min is minimum).
-When new mail arrived the program will display friendly balloon-styled popup alerts on your Desktop including subject of new mail and sender name (address).
-If you will receive too much new mail, then popup alerts will be grouped into one alert.
-You can choose to play sound in addition to Desktop popup alert.
-Color of icon in the tray area (near system clock) indicates status of the program - green (checking for new mail now), gray (no new mail or stand by mode) and red (you have new mail). Roll your mouse over that icon and popup tooltip will tell you current status of your mailbox.
-You can disable mail checking when screen saver running or Windows locked so you won't miss new mail notification when you're away from your computer.
-Automatic free update. Check interval is two weeks, manual checking supported.
-Multi-language interface (currently just few languages, but keep updated or add yours).

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